Reducing Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Costs

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  • Don’t mention mileage related service.  They will charge you more.
  • For mileage related service do the inspection part yourself.  List the items that need to be done.  Other than that, have the mechanic look it over and tell you if you need anything done.
  • Shop around for the service you need done and check for specials or find a reputable shop (AAA approved?) and be loyal.
  • Do it yourself.  There are many “how to” videos on YouTube.
  • Be careful agreeing to any maintenance that isn’t in the owner’s manual.  Get a second opinion.
  • Stick with independent shops.
  • Consider checking out your local vocational school for doing the repair.
  • Get educated and ask questions
  • Use and to know average charges for repairs.
  • Heed the warning signs (engine light, oil light, strange sounds).  We had an engine destroyed by a family member driving when the oil light was on.
  • Get it fixed for free.  You can plug in your VIN to to find recalls and service bulletins.

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Reducing Vehicle Fuel Costs

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Drive Less Miles

  • Walk or bike instead (Walking distance is considered to be half a mile.  My experience it is more like a mile.  Biking distance is considered to be two miles.)
  • Telecommute
  • Don’t go, if it isn’t necessary
  • Don’t waste a trip (are they open?, do they have what you want?, do they deliver?, shop around online or by phone)
  • Use public transportation
  • Use GPS to find the fastest route
  • Combine trips (this also saves gas because your engine is more efficient when running warm)

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