Reducing Toiletry Costs

image (42)The toiletries I use are shampoo, bar soap, liquid soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, and deodorant.

I use Suave shampoo, because it is cheap. I am willing to buy something else, if it is a better deal. My wife prefers Dial white soap, so that is what we get.  According to Chatelaine, people use seven times as much liquid soap as bar soap to wash their hands.  We started using liquid soap when the kid were little for the convenience, but never got out of the habit. My wife points out that we add water to liquid soap to make cheap foaming soap that reduces the volume used.  According to the website Go Green, using bar soap isn’t less sanitary than using liquid soap.

I have been buying Crest Tartar Protection Gel.  A dental hygienist recommended using a gel with a Sonicare  toothbrush, but a different dental hygienist told me it doesn’t make a difference.  I did recently buy Aim gel, because it was less than half the price of Crest.  However, it doesn’t have tartar control.  I’m still looking for a less expensive option in a tartar protection toothpaste.

I use an antiseptic mouthwash on the recommendation of my dental hygienist.  I use a house brand equivalent to Mint Listerine.

I use a Reach flosser.  It would be cheaper to use dental floss, but I’m willing to pay for the convenience.

I have bought Old Spice deodorant over the years, but have no reason for insisting on the brand.  I’m going to start looking for cheaper alternatives.

In my undergraduate marketing class, the professor talked about how companies like to get consumers to the point where they insist on a brand.  Brand insistence, or even preference, is good for the business, but bad for the consumer.  I think I have a stronger brand insistence or preference for toiletries than I do for food products.

We are more likely to get toiletries at Walmart or Costco.  The Coupon Mom recommends using CVS sales and coupon combinations.  We don’t have a CVS near us.  Clark Howard recommends using dollar stores.  That is a route I should explore.

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