Reducing the Cost of Paper Products

image (39)We buy toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins on a regular basis.  Years ago we tried using cloth napkins to save money.  We didn’t like the inconvenience and the persistent stains on them.  We could avoid paper towel use by using rags more often.  However, we find that the rags often get sour and don’t like the inconvenience of washing them.

We use select-a-size paper towels, which Consumer Reports says can save you money if you use less paper with the smaller sheets.  We use Scott towels, which is the cheapest of the select-a-size paper towels that Consumer Reports mentions.  We often can find a coupon for it.

We haven’t had a specific brand preference for toilet paper.  We discovered that we didn’t like the low end house brand from our regional grocery chain.  Consumer Reports recommends White Cloud Ultra Soft & Thick which is available at Walmart, and sometimes has a coupon available.

We buy large packages of paper napkins at our regional grocery chain or at Walmart.  I discovered that the napkins we use are cheaper per sheet than the paper towels we use.

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2 thoughts on “Reducing the Cost of Paper Products”

  1. We are trying to use more rags and then tossing them daily into the washing machine. But for cleaning up cat barf, must use paper towels.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I realized that I use a paper towel to dry an apple every day, after I wash it. I could use a rag, but I wouldn’t want to reuse it because of the possibility of pesticides.

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