Reducing Movie Costs

The law of demand says that quantity demanded goes down as price goes up. If you are a retailer, that means that there are people who will insist on a lower price and those who are willing to pay a higher price. When I taught economics, I used the cost of movie options available where I live to demonstrate a demand curve. Movie theaters charge the prices they do for entry and snacks because they can.

If the sky is the limit for price, you can attend the stadium theater during peak hours and buy snacks. The cheapest option would be to borrow a DVD from the library and not having any snacks. There are a number of alternatives in between. We pay $9 a month for Netflix streaming. We used to do the mail option as well as streaming, but found we weren’t using it enough to justify the cost.  We can pick up a Red Box movie for less than $2.  We also have a cheap theater in town that runs movies that are about to go to video.

I prefer to watch movies at home.  It is hard for me to make it through a movie without having to go to the bathroom.  I like movie theater popcorn, but I can make popcorn at home which is healthier and much cheaper.

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