How to Reduce Restaurant Costs

image (4)According to Business Insider, these are the average check per person prices at some leading restaurant chains:
Little Caesar’s $3.86
McDonald’s $4.72
Sonic $4.84
Burger King $4.99
Hardee’s $5.02
Taco Bell $5.13
Wendy’s $5.18
Papa Murphy’s $5.39
Subway $6.04
Domino’s $7.34
Papa John’s $7.45
Potbelly $7
Pizza Hut $7.50
Chipolte $11
Noodles & Company $12
Applebee’s $12.42
Chili’s $13.99
Texas Roadhouse $15.80
Olive Garden $16.50
Outback $20
Red Lobster $20.50

I was going to say to use the dollar menu and have water to save at a fast food place, but dollar menus are being phased out.  However, all day breakfast at McDonald’s is relatively cheap.  Many of these restaurants will offer coupons.

All these options are expensive compared to making your own meals.  You should be able to pack a lunch for under $2 a person and make dinner for under $3 a person.  It’s easier to eat healthy planning your own meals.  Many restaurant options don’t offer a fruit and a vegetable.

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