Reducing the Cost of Paper Products

image (39)We buy toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins on a regular basis.  Years ago we tried using cloth napkins to save money.  We didn’t like the inconvenience and the persistent stains on them.  We could avoid paper towel use by using rags more often.  However, we find that the rags often get sour and don’t like the inconvenience of washing them. Continue reading Reducing the Cost of Paper Products

Reducing Movie Costs

The law of demand says that quantity demanded goes down as price goes up. If you are a retailer, that means that there are people who will insist on a lower price and those who are willing to pay a higher price. When I taught economics, I used the cost of movie options available where I live to demonstrate a demand curve. Movie theaters charge the prices they do for entry and snacks because they can. Continue reading Reducing Movie Costs

Budgeting for Christmas

image (37)The average family of four last year was expected to spend between $700 and $1,300 on Christmas, according to We save $40 a month for Christmas, for a total of $480, but that doesn’t include all of our expenses. Here is how the national average breaks down :

Continue reading Budgeting for Christmas