Reducing the Cost of Cable

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We were paying $181 a month for cable, phone, and internet. We decided to cut this expense.

We finally decided to get rid of our land line. We were rather late in the game doing this. We hadn’t done it before, because there wasn’t a great savings from it with the way our cable company bundles services. We found we could still save by doing it.

We cut our cable TV service back from preferred cable to limited cable. We decided that we don’t need a large number of cable stations. We use Netflix streaming. We recently dropped their mail service because we weren’t using it enough. We have Amazon Prime, although we probably won’t continue it. My wife recently purchased a Chromecast stick, which allows us to watch programs we pull up on our laptop on our television. Redbox is readily available in our area. Our public library and our local college library both have videos we can check out.

Making these changes reduced our cable bill to $93 a month. We could make further cuts. We pay $16 a month for a DVR box from the cable company. We could buy our own DVR. We could get a digital antenna, and give up cable completely.  Our cable currently costs $18 a month, when considering the broadcast re-transmission fee.  That means we could save $34 a month, if we got rid of cable completely.

HD antennas range from $8 to $80 in 2013.  Consumer Reports didn’t rank HD antennas.

For DVRs, Tivo’s Roameo OTR sounds like a deal for $50.  However, there is a $15 a month charge for its use.  It would still be cheaper than what we are doing now.

We concluded that for us the Channel Master DVR+ is the best deal.  It costs $250 and requires an external hard drive because it has limited memory for storing programs.  Since we’d save $34 a month on cable, it will pay for itself rather quickly.




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2 thoughts on “Reducing the Cost of Cable”

  1. Hi Eric!

    This is John, Laura’s husband…..who is one of Mary’s best friends. I was going through the pile of mail from the Holidays and found your Holiday new’s letter….which had your blog address. Sounds like you guys are doing great! Congratulations on your retirement!

    I’m enjoying reading your blog, and I hope to meet you one day!

    Tell Mary “Hi” for me and give her a big Hug!

    1. Thanks for commenting. I had slowed down on posting, since I didn’t think I had any readers. I’ll try to pick up the pace again.

      We don’t know the next time we’ll be out your direction.

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