Reducing Pet Expenses

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Fourteen years ago, when our older daughter was in second grade, she came hold and told us,”A boy in my class has kittens, and they’re free!” After chuckling about it, my wife and I agreed to let each of our daughters each pick out a kitten. I would have preferred a dog, but cats are more self-sufficient, which makes traveling easier. Continue reading Reducing Pet Expenses

Reducing Health Care Costs

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In my post on The Affordable Care Act and Retirement, I discussed our plan to switch from our current policy through our former employer to a policy on the health care exchange.  Insurance premiums are obviously a major part of health care costs.  If you have employer provided health insurance, you really don’t have a choice about your coverage.  Our employer used to offer a choice of a high deductible and a low deductible plan.  The high deductible plan had lower premium, which more than made up for the higher deductible, in a worst case scenario. Continue reading Reducing Health Care Costs