Reducing the Cost of Cooking

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We have an electric stove, a microwave, a crock pot, and a gas grill.  I tend to grill and microwave in the summer more to avoid heating up the house and increasing air conditioning costs.

A gas stove is cheaper to operate than an electric stove.  However, it wouldn’t be cost-beneficial for us to switch.  In addition to the cost of a new stove over the selling price of our existing stove, we would have to have gas lines extended.  Our stove isn’t by an exterior wall, so it would be difficult to extend gas lines to it.  We also plan to sell our house with appliances within a year, so we would have little time to recover the additional costs.

For the cooking methods we use, besides grilling, the cheapest is the microwave, the second cheapest is the crock pot, and the most expensive is the stove, with the oven being more expensive to use than the stove top.  Trent Ham, at said eight years ago that it costs him 60 cents per grilling session.  Even without adjusting for inflation, that would make it our most expensive cooking technique.

I am curious about the effect of cooking methods on heating and air conditioning costs.  I can’t find anything definitive.  With grilling costs being so high, I can’t imagine that the savings from air conditioning from not using the stove makes up for the additional cost of grilling.  I would also doubt that using the stove over the microwave saves enough on heating to justify the additional expense.

I was surprised at the high cost of grilling.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the best rule to use for reducing cooking costs is to microwave first, use the crock pot second, and use the stove top third, and avoid grilling or using the oven (at least and electric one).



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